The Town of Shallotte Fire/Rescue Department is the epitome of fire service virtue. Our training brings out the confidence that wasn’t thought to exist in an individual. Our Officers are central figures and are the principal influence in our careers. They teach, they train and they lead with passion. Without thorough instruction and remediation there would be no Shallotte Firefighter.


Every member within the Town of Shallotte Fire/Rescue Department is a “Firefighter” and must be qualified in the basics. Every member must have the firefighter ethos and never let our legacy die. It will become part of every member and who he or she is, and treating every person and their property with respect captures the firefighter ethos of the Town of Shallotte Fire/Rescue Department.






Mission Statement
It is our mission to contribute to the maintenance and improvement of the quality of life in the Town of Shallotte through fire and life safety education, fire suppression, rescue, emergency medical and special services all in compliance with State and Federal requirements and standards to all who live, visit, work or invest in the Town of Shallotte. To this mission, the unselfish men and women of the Shallotte Fire Department, who hold duty above self, are dedicated.
Our Values
We expect our work to make a difference in the quality of life in our Town. To this end, we try to discover what is most important to do and focus our resources for the greatest, most enduring benefit.



Special Needs Form Voluntary Register