As we continue to transition with Brunswick County taking over our Water system which includes water billing, It has come to our attention that there have been issues with some County water bills to Shallotte residents. Just a reminder Shallotte still bills Sewer. Customers will get TWO SEPARATE BILLS-  monthly Water Bill from Brunswick County Public Utilities and  bi-monthly Sewer Bill from Town of Shallotte. 


If the following scenarios are shown on your water bill, but based on your historical usage seem inaccurate, please contact Brunswick County Public Utilities (BCPU):
 Your BCPU bill has “Irrigation Consumption” with no “Water Consumption Retail”
Your BCPU bill has only the “Water Base Fee” with no “Water Consumption Retail” 
Your Town of Shallotte Sewer Bill has reading inconsistencies with your BCPU bill
If you think you have an issue with your sewer bill, please feel free to call the Town of Shallotte at 910.754.4032