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Town of Shallotte, NC

Big City Business, Small Town Style

Scam Alert


The Shallotte Police Department advises residents to be aware of scams. Recently a Shallotte resident received a letter in the mail stating they had won a USA Numbers Lottery Sweepstakes Million Dollar Drawing. The letter arrived with a check for more than $3,800 and a sense of urgency as the letter was a “final notice” from the division of unclaimed funds.

 The check cleared a local bank. However, police believe before funds would have been transferred, the originating account would be closed or the check would be cancelled. The resident was asked to mail $3,000 back to the sweepstakes company under the guise of paying taxes. The letter states “a sweepstakes representative in your area will deliver the $246,163.38 check directly to your door, after you complete the claim.” 

An additional component of the scam is the “winner” is asked to call a number and activate the check. Once a phone call is placed, repeated phone calls are made to the “winner” pressuring them to send money.

 “If you receive a check and they say, ‘Cash this check and send money back,’ it’s a scam. People just don’t giveaway money these days,” Captain Scott Branning said.

If you think you have been a victim of a scam or someone is attempting to scam you, contact the police department at (910) 754-6008.