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Town of Shallotte, NC

Big City Business, Small Town Style

Shallotte's First Fire Truck - Restoration

On a spring evening in 1954, just as the local theater was letting out, theatergoers noticed that a teacher’s boarding house was burning. The boarding house soon became engulfed in flames. Anticipating the rapid spread of fire to neighboring buildings, citizens began removing belongings while the boarding house continued to burn.

In the fall of 1954, the town created a fire department and purchased a fire truck from Howe Fire Apparatus Company Inc. The fire truck was placed into service and housed in an automobile repair garage that was adjacent to the location where the boarding house once stood earlier that year.

Since the fall of 1954 the fire department has been reorganized five times and continues to grow, but one thing that has stayed consistent throughout the years is the first fire truck that was purchased to protect Shallotte and the surrounding areas. 

Although she ran her last call in 1992, she continues to serve representing a loyal and honorable service; she pays tribute to all who sacrificed their time and effort and made a faithful commitment to the welfare of our people. This restoration is dedicated to all who rode her tailboard and the fire chiefs who led her throughout her loyal service.

Dedicated to the Chiefs serving from 1954 through 1992.

Guy McKeithen, Henry Carter, Wilbur Holden, Robert Hawes, Curmon Arnold, Michael Arnold, Timothy Carter and David Moore


Howe Fire Apparatus

The Howe Fire Apparatus Company Inc. was founded in 1872 after B.J.C. Howe adapted a piston pump for the first horse-drawn firefighting equipment in the United States. During its early years the Howe Fire Apparatus Company Inc. was located in Indianapolis and was known as the Howe Pump and Engine Company. As the company expanded, the founder's three sons came into active management and directed the company’s growth from 1893 to 1939.

Because of the increasing demands for motorized fire equipment, the Howe brothers decided to move from Indianapolis to Anderson in 1917 during World War I to mount firefighting equipment on automobile chassis built by the Lambert Company.

On a Friday afternoon preceding the Christmas Holiday in 1978, Howe Fire Apparatus Company Inc.’s general manager, James H. Brown, announced that the company would be shutting down blaming business and economic reasons for the shut down.